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Your precious baby’s health and wellbeing is in your hands. Did you know that the safest, and most reliable way to monitor your baby’s growth and development is with an ultrasound?

We recommend doing a minimum of 4 ultrasounds in your pregnancy at the following times:
• 5-8 weeks
• 12-14 weeks
• 19-22 weeks
• 36-38 weeks
Complications in pregnancy would require more frequent ultrasound imaging.
All ultrasounds are performed by our highly qualified and experienced in-house doctors. In addition, our obstetric ultrasounds include a full 30-minute consultation on all ultrasound results because we understand the need for you and your partner to be fully aware of your baby’s progress.
Wouldn’t you rather your baby’s scans be done by a trained physician who is able to discuss the results with you immediately?
Isn’t your baby’s health worth it?

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