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“My approach is patient-centered with a strong passion for patient education and counselling.
Every patient’s treatment is specially tailored to their unique anatomy and physiology. This is why we are able to see such incredible results in all our patients.
Our treatment is based on the findings provided by Doppler imaging of the deep and superficial venous systems in the patient’s lower limbs.
I dedicate time to discuss all imaging findings with my patients and answer their concerns because I know that people are more likely to adhere to their treatment plan once they understand the underlying problem, the likely causes and how the treatment works.”

DR. NALINI KOKARAM-MAHARAJ M.B.B.S. F.R.C.R. Head Consultant Radiologist and CEO Eastern Medical Imaging Services Ltd.

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  • Sitting or standing for long periods?
  • Tired, heavy legs?
  • Cold feet?
  • Frequent travel either by plane or car?
  • Swelling of your feet and legs?
  • Pregnancy?
  • Spider veins?
  • Varicose veins?
  • Skin pigmentation or darkening of the skin around the ankles and calves?
  • Itching around the ankles and calves?
  • Ulcers around the ankle that take long to heal?

If these sound familiar, you may be suffering from a condition called, lower limb venous incompetence or insufficiency.

Eastern Medical Imaging Services Ltd.  is the leading expert in vein treatment. Our qualified team of specialists will take you from Diagnosis to Treatment in our simple     5 step treatment program.

All treatment options are specially tailored to meet the needs of each patient based on detailed, accurate vein imaging. We believe that Image quality is the key to effective diagnosis and treatment and that’s why we are the vein experts because we invest heavily on imaging technology.

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