Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Ladies, this should signal in our minds the importance of screening for breast cancer. Cancer screening should begin at the age of 40 years, however, there are some exceptions to this rule. For women with a positive family history of breast or ovarian cancer, screening should begin at 35 years of age or if their relative was diagnosed earlier than 35 years of age, screening should start at the age of diagnosis.

Breast cancer screening includes breast ultrasound and mammography for those 40 years and over. For ladies under 40 years of age, we recommend breast ultrasound. Both tests can detect early signs of cancer. Make sure your Radiologist is well experienced in breast imaging. Some of the signs of breast cancer are extremely subtle and providing your Radiologist with all your previous breast imaging examinations can assist her in detecting early changes. Make sure to ask your Radiologist all the questions you may have concerning your breast health. Remember this is your body and you are in control of your health!

Breast cancer screening is quick and easy and results are ready within minutes. We recommend you make a day of it and invite your best friend, sister, mom or daughter along…..and book an early lunch afterwards or perhaps a shopping trip to the mall! Make it fun and memorable ladies! Make it your annual “thing” to do together!

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